The gratitude I have for Global Esquire Canada is difficult to express in words, as the mentorship I receive from inspiring lawyers is absolutely invaluable. I know that representation of the BIPOC community in the legal field is imperative to show aspiring lawyers that it is possible to succeed in a legal career, and to assure other BIPOC individuals that they have someone from the BIPOC community in their corner. Someone who understands and empathizes with their story. Someone who approaches their cases from the familiarity of being the only one in the room who knows what it is like to feel fear in everyday situations, because of their appearance. The Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program creates a support system and community for future BIPOC lawyers to succeed in the legal field. I am grateful to be part of such an incredible program as I continue my law school journey. And one day, I hope to give back to future BIPOC lawyers the guidance and support that Global Esquire Canada has given to me.
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Danielle Rodriguez
Global Esquire Mentorship Program cares deeply about its student mentees. They go the extra mile in helping students be successful in the field of law by connecting them to people in the business, securing work placements and guiding us through the law school journey.
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Juma Amisi
When I first learnt about the program, I was distraught from being rejected from 6 Canadian law schools despite my high grades (3.7 overall GPA, 3.9 in my final year of University) and extra curricular activities. This took a toll on my mental health because I felt I was not good enough to be a lawyer, which was hard because that’s what I have always wanted to be. Now, in just about 3 months into the mentorship, I have received 5 offers from UK Universities, including one from a top law school in the world. I owe it all to Sara’s mentorship and John’s expertise, particularly their personalized approach at getting to know me and providing resources tailored to my career specific goals. I 1000% recommend!
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Tomi A.
B. Comm