Global Esquire Canada is pleased to to offer the Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program. A Not for Profit program, designed for BIPOC youth.

Mentorship Program Details

Thousands of Canadian students from all backgrounds choose to study law in the UK every year. Of those students, Global Esquire Canada will provide a maximum of 25 Black Indigenous and People of Colour aspiring young professionals per academic year with tailored career mentoring and counselling and academic advisement on the value add of international legal education in the UK and guidance on accessing law firms, corporate legal departments and law related organizations that will create meaningful transformative pathways to successful legal and law related professional careers for the BIPOC community. Empowered by BlackNorth Initiative, and with partners SI-UK North America, Pearson, The Canadian Association of Black Lawyers, and  NCA Mentor, students receive an unprecedented amount of support with their legal careers which can start at the stage of applications to law schools.

Please apply to the program and we can assist you with your application, if you have already applied to study law in the UK, you may still be admitted to the program. 1st and 2nd year law students are welcome to apply!

The Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program is supported by the Government of Canada’s Supporting Black Canadian Communities Initiative and the Tropicana Community Services.

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Virtual Sessions to connect you to the Canadian Legal Community!

Thousands of Canadian students from all backgrounds choose to embark on an international educational experience studying an LL.B./JD, or LL.M. in the UK every year. Since Canadian students and professionals who identify with being BIPOC are negatively impacted by systemic racism which limits their access to domestic professional education and domestic professional career opportunities, this program was created to support communities in need of additional support. An international professional legal degree will provide the graduate with an international perspective and professional edge that is needed now more than ever in what is now a global professional services market.

Professor John Kelly’s Paper titled: “The Canadian Government Wants Canadians to Go Abroad for law Related Professional Education”, Professor Kelly confirms the Canadian governments call for the need for Canadian students to receive global education. In the Report of the study group on global education, “Global Education for Canadians- Equipping Young Canadians to Succeed at Home and Abroad”, the report states that “Global education generates the skills, understanding, outlooks and relationships at a time where there is rapid change in the world and at home.”

The vision for Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program is to provide students with the competitive edge for global leadership in legal and law related professional careers in Canada designed for BIPOC communities.

In addition to studying for a professional degree, which can be used to either pursue the licensing steps to practice law in Canada (or another common law jurisdiction) or work in a law related field, students receive access to a remarkable new program tailored to help support their professional development.

Admitted students to the program receive the following benefits free of charge:

Testimonials Global Esquire Canada

1. One stop information resource for all information related to studying law in the UK

Through LLB, Graduate entry LL.B., LL.M., and MA Law programs. Assistance with the application process, and assistance with VISA applications through our application partner Study in UK (SI-UK)’.

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2. World class one on one mentoring and coaching

From Global Esquire Canada Chief Consultant, Sara Bond, UK Law graduate (LL.B.), Lawyer in good standing with the Law Society of Ontario.

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3. Mentor matching with Canadian Lawyers and Internships/Placements!

Through our strategic partnerships, by the end of the program students will be paired with a Canadian Lawyer in their legal area of interest, and some students may be awarded work placements. The internship awards are subject to change, and will be announced every Spring. For 2022, our partner Pearson has agreed to a paid 8-week internship for one of the students of the program in their international in-house legal department.

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4. Access to a network of professionals through the Global Esquire Canada professional network

On-going monthly Webinars with Guest Speakers in the legal field created to provide admitted students with insight into different legal career paths.
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5. Access to strategic UK advantage degree planning.

  • No LSAT with its inherent BIPOC systemic barriers as a pre-requisite for admission to law school
  • The (“2+1”) two year accelerated senior status LLB for holders of an undergraduate degree plus a one year LLM or MA Law. In three years an aspirant lawyer receives a generic law degree and expert status LLM; the emergent career door opener in the legal services market. The three -year Canadian JD (an undergraduate professional degree) plus a one year graduate LLM requires four years.
  • Many UK LLM and MA Law degree programs offer direct entry to relevant baccalaureate degree holders who want to pursue law related professional careers in social advocacy and alternative legal careers such as mediation and arbitration; areas of special interest to the BIPOC community.
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6. A chance to be awarded with scholarships

Which could be used towards your tuition and educational costs. For 2023, The Rocco Achampong Scholarship Award of $2500 (CAD), and the Zoenell Webb Scholarship of $2,500 (CAD).
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