Announcing New Scholarships with Scholarship Partner: TSoM NCA Prep Program | Study Prep Package

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Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program is please to announce our newest Scholarships for 5 recipients admitted into the Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program. 5 recipients will receive a $2000 valued study prep package as part of the Toronto School of Managements National Committee on Accreditation Prep Program. All student’s admitted to the program, who do not receive the scholarships will receive 50% off the programs offerings.

The Toronto School of Management’s NCA Exam Prep Program is proud to offer a suite of products designed to fit the busy schedules of internationally trained lawyers:

  • Pre-recorded courses available on demand of the 5 core NCA subjects: Canadian Criminal Law, Canadian Constitutional Law, Canadian Administrative Law, Canadian  Professional Responsibility and Foundations of Canadian Law.
  • Comprehensive and updated Notes of the 5 Core NCA subjects
  • Private Tutoring
  • IRAC Exam writing training
  • Exam Strategy Live-Sessions: These two-hour live sessions are held by their expert course tutors, who will walk you through NCA exam strategy using Sample exam as template.

A special thank you to our newest Partners the Toronto School of Management’s NCA Exam Prep Program! We are thrilled such a program exist to assist internationally trained lawyers when they return from abroad studies.


The Global Esquire Canada Mentorship Program Team